We are an Interactive Production House
delivering web & mobile applications.


Here you will find some of our most refined projects.

Distinctive designs, clean code and ongoing innovation it's our main concept.

What we did?


«Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.»

We are a lean and nimble solid team!

Gastón Labarthe
CEO - Marketing Hacker

Alexis Espósito
CTO - Mobile & JS Heisenberg

Ricardo Kulys

Technologies we work with.

We constantly focus on the technologies we are superb


In our spare time, we create tools to make your life simpler and we try to constantly support the Open Source ecosystem.


Attract Targeted Twitter Followers on Autopilot. We help you grow naturally your Twitter following with real prospects for your business. From 120 to 900 new targeted followers per month.

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Circular Rush

Test and improve your brain and speed skills! Just tap the screen when the ball is passing through the white space, try to tap consecutively 2 spaces and you'll receive a 2x points.



The definite alternative solution to transfer images from iPhone to Mac, our own "Airdrop" from iPhone to Mac. Download the app from the App Store, open your browser and the magic happens.


Diagonal Slider

A nice polished crafted solution over jQuery, to go beyond the well known image gallery for your website project.

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Be part of the UX revolution (?), at least replace all those select with nice mutliple choice buttons.

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We've helped the citizens of our country with a Twitter Bot that answered them where did they had to vote, just with a tweet and without cost.

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Located Montevideo, Innvenio was incubated by the business incubator Ingenio, which counts with the support of the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank

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